Author: Jonas Ronnegard


Descripción del curso:


This is the early access version of my second set of hard surface alphas.

I have decided to do early access releases of my future products which will allow me to work on multiple sets at once and keep working on the quality while getting feedback, so I can improve the set before the final product is ready.
during the updates of this product there might be alphas that doesn’t make it into the final product so please keep old versions if you want to keep them all.

Please remember that you will receive all alphas no matter when you purchase this product, when updates are available you will receive an email.

For anyone uncomfortable buying this product during the early access stage
Please wait until the full version is available

I currently take the alphas from the high poly inside ZBrush, so I have a high resolution height alpha that gives a really nice result even in ZBrush.

What you will get in the final product
–  at least 350 hard surface alphas
–  2 or 3 short tutorials on either making of alphas or use of alphas

Currently available
– 332 hard surface alphas, update will come soon.

These brushes can be used for any program that works with alphas and height maps, you can add to substance, 3Dcoat, mudbox, ZBrush etc.


Tutorial Sample: